Anyone can refer a patient to hospice. And any patient diagnosed with a life limiting illness qualifies for hospice care.

Individuals can self-refer, or elect to go through their doctors, family members, friends, counselors, nursing home administrators, or hospital discharge planners.

After making contact with a hospice, one of our highly trained hospice nurses, social workers, or an admitting team member usually calls within 24 hours to schedule a meeting with the patient and family. Should anyone other than the patient's doctor first contact us, a courtesy call to the patient's doctor is made to gather information about the diagnosis, confirm a terminal diagnosis, and determine whether the patient is appropriate for hospice care.

A nurse or social worker then meets to introduce hospice services, make an assessment of needs, and sign consent forms after all questions are answered.

Once the nurse has evaluated the patient's medical records and finalized a personal care plan, a second meeting is held to review and sign admitting documents. Care begins.

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